Hey look, we’re on the (internet) radio

Hey, remember the radio? That thing in your car that sometimes spits music at you, when you don’t have your ipod going? It sure does suck. Radio basically falls into two categories: NPR, and a giant diaper that every DJ and talk show host in America fills with the bullshit that constantly dribbles from their mouths.

Well, starting next week, the legendary Beach and I will add to the latter every Friday night. We’ll be on the Pop Free Radio internet radio channel (station?), and we’ll spend two solid hours making fun of retards and playing speed metal. Or something like that. And dudes, check it: We totally need your help.

Beach and I have a few of our own ideas for the show (retard humor), but that will only take up, like, maybe 10 minutes. So we’re looking for suggestions. What should we talk about? What should our, whatdayacallem, “segments” be about? Do you want to hear us talk about fucking POLITICS? Doubtful. How about sports? Maybe! Oh, how about horse porn? You betcha. We’re open to all good, solid ideas.

So let us know. Leave a comment below, or DM the S&S twitter, or get a tattoo of the idea and email us a photo of it. Your choice. BUT SUGGESTIONS PLZ. I’d like to make this show as open-source as possible, so chances are, if you suggest something, we’ll talk about it on the show. Sexytime!

And if you’re bored as shit tonight, Beach and I will be hanging around the studio starting at 8 p.m. central time (our usual start time), playing music and playing with the buttons. We might even hop on from time to time, to tell dick jokes. Tune in here, and follow on on Twitter starting at 8 here. Fanfuckingtastic.


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