A quick blog update, and radio event tonight on teh internetz.

Oh shit, what's up? It's been a fucking AGE since I've properly posted here, mainly because the whole premise of this blog has been rendered wholly useless by my move home. "Shipwrecked and stranded, uh, whatever, ASSHOLE, you're closer to the fucking MOON than you are an ocean," &c. 

I always seem to paint myself into a corner with these things, where if something changes the whole premise of the blog goes down the shitter. Fuck me. Now, I make another cross-country move in about two weeks or so, and I'll post regularly from that awful, U-haul-fueled nightmare, but after that I imagine I'll scrap this deal and start anew. So there you go. 

But, hey, in the meantime, tune into popfreeradio.com TONIGHT at 8 p.m. to catch Beach and I fucking around and making jokes we instantly feel bad about, even with our shaky moral standards. Plus, very famous local musicians Waiting For Signal will be in studio to point out what huge dorks we both are. Huzzah!

So tune in, losers. If you miss it, I'm going to do my damndest to get it up on this here internet blog space as a podcast. No promises, though. I'm technologically retarded, amongst other types. 


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